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Randolph Elementary School

Jason Kreinhop » Mr. Kreinhop's First Grade Class (Mr. K)

Mr. Kreinhop's First Grade Class (Mr. K)

Welcome Aboard!  I am so excited about the upcoming school year.
Just a little about me...I am retired from the greatest Navy in the world...U.S. Navy!  I spent just 20 years in the service, traveling around the world and deploying to many locations.  That said, I understand what a lot of you are going through, my family and I have been there.  My family includes; my wife, two adult children, and of course of dog, Angel.  She will be referenced a lot throughout the year.
I am not a native Texan, nor is anyone in my family, (a true military family - born all around the world)...we found our way here as I was retiring from the service.  I was born in a very small South Eastern Indiana town and left for to serve our country right out of high school.  Upon retirement, I graduated from UTSA with a Bachelor's degree in education, and have been working at Randolph since 2015.  
Please watch for updates throughout the year.   

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Room Temperature

My classroom can get cold!  Be sure to bring or leave a sweater or light jacket that can be removed when we go outside. 

Box Tops

Our campus, participates in Box Tops for Education, and we appreciate the support from the families.  I have extra box top sheets and will send some home to you if you want to stick them to the form.  I will attempt to post them to my website, or you can go to the PTO website for forms and information.